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We are committed to cultivating a community of Faith, Hope, and Love. Come along and join with us at one of our many groups, events, and activities. Here you can find all the events and activities that are on regularly, or are coming up. Each has information about them, prices if applicable, when, where, what time, and contact information.


Bible Reading Challenge

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Imagine a great table, loaded with the best food, perfectly prepared. This is how we view the Word of God, and it is our joy and privilege to encourage Christians to find their seats and share the bounty of it with us. The reading plan is simply the menu, the challenge is to become Christians who live and breathe the Word of God.

In spite of the abundant availability of Scripture to us, many Christians struggle to develop a habit of reading – simply reading the Word. We have over-complicated and under appreciated it. By making it only a matter of private reflection and introspection, we have forgotten the element of hospitality, and Christians have fallen out of the practices of inviting others to read with us.


In this plan, we will read our Bibles every day of the week, except on Sundays because you will be going to your local church to listen to the Word of God proclaimed and sung. We have catch-up days interspersed throughout the plan in key places, normally after reading a long book. Catch up days are also great for inviting more friends to jump into the reading with us. If you are current on the weekly readings, you can do the suggested optional readings.
Join us in the #samepagewinter Bible Reading Challenge June 1st (or anytime afterwards – just jump in!) as we read through the New Testament together.
If you’re struggling to find time to sit and read: Listen. In the car. While you get ready in the morning. As you load the dishwasher or fold the laundry. While you’re gardening.
To read through the plan on your device, follow this link here for set-up instructions for ALL apps: Bible reading Apps set up instructions
We are thankful for our friends at Christ Kirk Bible Reading Challenge for allowing us to join them in this challenge.
Email Catherine Reilly or Nae van Dort at mvanglican@bigpond.com for more info.

Next Phase

Next Phase - 9.5 x 6.1

Meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:30am.

Meetings suspended while COVID 19 restrictions in effect.

Contact Chris or David at mvanglican@bigpond.com for more information.

Mother’s Union

Mothers Union 9.5 x 6.1

3rd Wednesday of the Month | 10AM in The Hall

Meetings suspended while COVID 19 restrictions in effect.

Contact Elizabeth Lowe at mvanglican@bigpond.com for more information.

Mobile Community Pantry

Anglicare’s Mobile Community Pantry vans provide grocery items at very low cost to help stretch your budget further. The Mobile Community Pantry is run in partnership with Moss Vale Anglican and visits us on a fortnightly basis.

We welcome Community members.  In exchange for a small contribution – $10 for groceries  – you can then fill a bag with items of your choice from the stock available.

For more information contact Dean Reilly at mvanglican@bigpond.com or visit

Mobile Community Pantry

Next Date: July 10th, 1-2 pm


MCP_Onsite ThisWeek

BBQ Sunday

The first Sunday of each month we share a meal together; soup during the months of May to September; BBQ and salads during the months of October to April.

BBQ Sunday suspended while COVID 19 restrictions in effect..

BBQ Sunday PPT

Contact Catherine at mvanglican@bigpond.com for more information.